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workercoop - Worker Cooperatives

Subject: Worker Cooperatives

Description: This email list is a project of the USFWC. "The mission of the United States
Federation of Worker Cooperatives is to create stable and empowering jobs and
worker-ownership through the development of a thriving cooperative movement. We
advance worker-owned, -managed, and -governed workplaces through cooperative
education, advocacy and development."

This list is a tool for practical discussion/inquiries about businesses that are
democratically owned and operated by their workers (it's not for political
polemics or theoretical discussions). Group participation is reserved for:
1) Workers at businesses that are members of the USFWC
2) other members of worker cooperatives
2) those making plans to launch a worker cooperative in the near future
3) providers of technical assistance/support to cooperatives (e.g., NCBA staff, etc)

The moderator may authorize individuals who don't fit in the above categories
(e.g., students/professors who study cooperatives) to join the group as silent

People who sign-up for the discussion are expected to abide by two basic
community agreements:
1) Only post to the listserve questions/statements related to the practical
operations of worker cooperatives or networking between cooperatives (i.e.,
cooperation among cooperatives)
2) No flaming (i.e., no personal attacks or mean-spirited commentary)

The moderators will drop people from the list who repeatedly and/or egregiously
violate the community agreements. The moderators of the list are Lori Burge &
Tom Pierson, who are Board Members of the USFWC.

In order to join the list you must write a statement of interest: please answer
the following questions:
1. Your email address AND your name?
2. Which of the categories listed above you fit into?
3. What is the name of your workplace?
4. Provide a basic outline of the structure of the workplace: (who owns, governs
& manages it)

You can contact the moderators at &/or

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