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federationpartners - USFWC Federation Partners

Subject: USFWC Federation Partners

Description: The Federation Partner Peer Network is a closed/invitational space for current and prospective local co-op organizers to connect, learn, and organize around shared issues and topics. (This means the space includes co-op organizers and developers who are not currently a part of formal local associations but may be aspiring toward it through building up their local co-op ecosystem.) Federation Partners (FPs) are a member category of the USFWC for local co-op associations that include 3 or more worker co-ops.

The Federation Partner PN has an email list – You can invite your co-workers and colleagues working in your industry by sending a request via You can unsubscribe by emailing This group currently communicates primarily in English.

The Federation Partners PN has a Google Drive Folder, where members can upload relevant documents, templates, readings, and other materials. This is self-organized, so please keep it tidy, but feel free to create new folders. Link:

For 2024, the group meets quarterly (Feb/May/Aug/Nov) on first Wednesdays at 1:30-3pm ET / 10:30am-12pm PT.

Members in the PN in both meetings and forums are expected to abide by the USFWC’s Code of Conduct. If you have any conduct issues with another member, you can reach out to staff by emailing Link:

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